Michel Reis
Point of No Return

I like to tell stories at the piano. - Michel Reis

Michel Reis was twelve years old and living in Luxembourg when he discovered a Duke Ellington record that would forever change his perception of music. Already four years into his classical training at the piano, Reis's introduction to jazz and improvisation unlocked new and exciting possibilities for him both as a pianist and composer. One of those possibilities led him halfway around the world to study with some of the greatest jazz musicians of our time.

Reis attended Berklee College of Music and The New England Conservatory where he worked and performed with Joe Lovano, Danilo Perez, Dave Holland, George Garzone, and Ron Blake. Six years of extensive jazz studies and an unwavering dedication to his craft set a foundation for the integral and well-rounded musician he is today.

A pianist, improviser, composer, and arranger, Reis has a passion for music all over the world. Reis has developed an international reputation by performing in Europe , the United States , Central America , and Japan . In 2005, Reis was a finalist in the First Moscow Competition for Jazz Performers and in 2006 he won second prize at the Montreux Jazz Solo Piano Competition.

Currently based in New York City, NY, Reis has three albums out under his name: Point of No Return (Armored Records 2010) A Young Mind (Waltzing-Parke Records 2005) and Fairytale (Waltzing-Parke Records 2009). Reis has also recorded as a sideman with such artists as Alex Terrier, Gast Waltzing and Largo , Eleonora Bianchini, and George Garzone.