Kevin Brunkhorst & Ryan Davidson
Border Crossing

Kevin Brunkhorst is an American guitarist living and teaching in Canada. Ryan Davidson was one of his students, an Albertan who had already carved out a niche in the Canadian country music scene on recording sessions and backing major artists. When they played together, they simultaneously surprised and complemented each other. After Davidson completed his undergraduate studies, Brunkhorst pointed him toward his alma mater - The University of North Texas - for graduate school in the United States.

Not long after completing his graduate degree, Davidson called Brunkhorst to talk about a project. Brunkhorst suggested drummer Stockton Helbing and electric bassist Brian Mulholland, a rhythm section that had driven the final Maynard Ferguson Band, and a pair that made anything they encountered feel good. A dream team. Davidson had played with each separately, but not together, and was happy to agree. Schedules synchronized and a window opened.

While brainstorming for the project, the guitarists exchanged tunes over the internet. One of the pieces that Davidson sent to Brunkhorst stood out amidst the others and an anti-theme for the project seemed to appear: Let's make something we'd like to hear, and would like others to hear - not showboating - and borrow from all the styles and sounds we like. Styles and genres were mixed and the bi-national guitarists created a multi-style collection of jazz, folk, country, and rock music.

All the music was recorded in one-and-a-half blistering Texas August days. Nearly everything was recorded in one take, and there are no overdubs. All music was performed live, by four musicians in the same room at the same time.

Many styles are on the map. This is Border Crossing.